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The Foundation, through its Board of Trustees, seeks to build upon its past projects, maintain its current projects and develop new initiatives that result in improvements in public education and health and maintain the environmental integrity that sustains the unparalleled natural beauty of Bocas del Toro.


Some of the Red Frog Foundation's past efforts include:

Collaborated with "Operation Safe Drinking Water" to purchase and install a fresh water catchment system for the indigenous village at Bahia Roja. 

Installed a new water system at one of the elementary schools on the Island of Colon. 

Provided a volunteer who assisted The Floating Doctors at their First Aid Clinic. This clinic provided rudimentary physical exams, OTC medical supplies and basic hygiene instruction to the local population as well as an indigenous village on main land. 

Donated lumber for the reconstruction of Bahia Roja village after a devastating fire ravaged the village. 

Donated medical supplies to Asilo, the Home for the Aged and the clinic in Bocas town. 

Donated backpacks and school supplies to the Bastimentos School and indigenous schools at Bahia Roja and Bahia Honda. 

Donated and installed six personal computers in the library in Bocas Town. 

Worked with "Unidos por Bocas" purchase and installed trash containers throughout Bocas Town as part of a wide-ranging trash collection effort. 

Worked with the Red Frog Beach Resort to purchase and donate sports jerseys to the Basti Town soccer and volleyball teams. 

Donated materials and supplies to construct a roof over the boardwalk connecting the "Main Street" in Basti Town to the Students' Study Center.




Some of the Red Frog Foundation's current efforts include:

Donated school supplies consisting of books, notebooks, packaged writing instruments, rulers, erasers, etc. to the Bocas Town school.

In cooperation with various Rotary Clubs, working through Project Cure, provided a large amount of over the counter medical supplies consisting of a wide array of medicines, bandages and elder-care equipment to Casa de Asilo.

Volunteers spent several hours doing minor repairs, organizing storage facilities and other chores around the Casa de Asilo and grounds.

Volunteers participated with Casa de Asilo residents in a daily exercise routine directed by a Casa de Asilo volunteer.

Volunteers participated in a local school's mural painting exercise that involved local school children and Casa de Asilo residents.

Donated $200.00 raised during the Foundation's Annual 2017 Fund Raiser to the Casa de Asilo

Consistent with Pack for a Purpose guidelines and with the help of local representatives, provided school supplies consisting of books, notebooks, packaged writing instruments, ruler, erasers, etc. to a number of indigenous schools throughout the Bocas region.

Commissioned a local craftsman to build "Little Free Libraries" funded by the three Rotary Clubs, that were constructed in Bocas Town and in Basti Town. These Little Free Libraries were registered through www.littlefreelibrary.org . They are the first "Little Free Libraries" to be established in Panama.

Established a liaison for "ad hoc" volunteer efforts with IGY Marinas at Red Frog Beach. IGY Marina manager has agreed to coordinate Red Frog Beach Resort visitors wanting to volunteer as clean-up crews in the region.

Provided funds to support the Bocas Schools' 2017 Christmas Festival. The funds were used to purchase paints, construction materials and other decorative supplies necessary to turn recycled materials into Christmas themed objects; snowmen, Santa's, etc. This project was initiated by Alcalde Martin Downer in conjunction with Ms. Virginia Vazquez.

Provided a wide-array of computer technical support to the Director, Casa de Asilo consisting of installation of software updates, computer networking and staff instruction. 

Provided musical entertainment to residents of Casa de Asilo. 

Provided musical instruction to students in schools throughout the Bocas del Toro region. 

Assisted the Musical Director of the Bocas Town school in establishing a Marching Band. 

Assisted the Director, Casa de Asilo in remediation of infrastructure and building issues throughout the facility.

The Foundation actively supports the "Pack with a Purpose" program by providing backpacks filled with school supplies and other educational materials to school children and their teachers throughout the province.

The Red Frog Foundation instituted an Intern Program in June 2017. The Red Frog Foundation is seeking individuals, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, willing to spend four to six weeks "on the ground" in Bocas del Toro to support its various projects and to further its mission goals. Individuals pursuing studies in the environmental sciences, anthropology, education and health would be ideally suited. A list of project-specific goals will be provided and discussed prior to departure to include metrics and expected outcomes. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact any Trustee for further information. Current opportunities are for January-March 2018 and June-August 2018.

Future goals of the Foundation include, but are not limited to sustaining the cultural integrity of indigenous populations throughout the province while identifying needs and projects specific to Bastimentos, Bocas and the general region of Bocas Del Toro so as to provide sustainable improvements.

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Red Frog Foundation

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